New to Pebble Creek this year and available to play on the Local 9.  FlingGolf is a hybrid between lacrosse and golf.  You only need a few golf balls and a Fling Stick to play.  No carrying that heavy bag around anymore, just a few balls in your pocket and the Fling Stick and you’re all set.

FlingGolf® is an exciting new sport that is played on a golf course, with a golf ball, alongside golfers, and scored the same way as golf.  Most people can start playing within a few minutes and
quickly become proficient using their own flinging (throwing) techniques.  You use the same tee boxes, same greens and cups as normal golf you just advance the ball in a slightly different manner!

It’s easy to learn, kids, adults, families anybody can do this and enjoy it.  It’s a great way to get out on the course and spend some time with your family.  It’s only $5 for juniors under the age of 16 and $10 for everybody else.  Fling sticks are available for rent as well at $5.

You can download a complete getting started guide right here.  It explains the rules, the most common techniques for Flinging and some of the penalties you may choose to implement if you fling it into the water or another hazard on the golf course.  For more info. on FlingGolf check out the web page.

Check out the videos below: