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The rules of golf have changed.

Click the link below to see what the USGA has changed.

Pebble Creek did not enact the optional Local Rule: Alternative to Stroke and Distance, for the 2019 season. If you hit it out of bounds you need to retee.

Welcome to 2019! 

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Some of the best things the game of golf gives is the ability to spend time with our friends or meet really good people we might not have met before and enjoy the great outdoors.  Some people like the competitive outlet of tournaments, others the one on one aspect, or maybe it is just the Phoenix event on the last hole to see who must buy at the bar.   For others it is solving the worlds problems at the 19th hole.

I charged the board this year to do what we need to do to make our club an all-inclusive club that meets our members where they are and let them enjoy golf the way they want to.

Our world has many competing items for how you spend your time.   We have made a highly concerted effort this year to meet you where you are when it comes to golf.

Most leagues have started already but one you can still join is the anytime league.   Play 8 rounds between when you sign up and August 31 with another men’s club member.  Of course we have multiple weekend events all summer so join the Pebble Creek Men’s Club today and start playing golf

Junior golf – We lowered the criteria for junior members to 12 years or older and they have to be able to keep pace of play and play on their own.    They should be able to  play 18 holes in about 3 hours and 45 minutes as part of a 4 some.  Get the players involved early.   We will again be using a portion of membership fees to fund a junior tournament this August.  Sign up your Junior member today.

Scoring – We started this last year but in round scoring for weekend events will be available on Golf Genius.   You have your own personal leaderboard!  .  Do not post your Men’s Club Score on your handicap (except MPGA match Play) as we will be doing that for you.

Group Me – See the area on the web site how to log on to Group Me.  Group me is the app we are using to sign people up for 16 man, some events and put together tee groups for the anytime league.

I have played at Pebble Creek for close to 25 years and some of the changes that are coming this season; the widening of the fairways back to their original width, water features coming back; general upkeep of the golf course; Moving back to a true 18 hole course has me more excited to play here than I have been in the past 15 years.

If you have not been in the Pebble Creek Bar & Grill in the past year you need to try it as it now serves not only golfers but the general public with a great assortment of food and beverage items that makes any night a great night to say I don’t feel like cooking.

I hear often, I would really like to play more but I just never get around to it.   Things that get scheduled get done.   Try joining Men’s Club this season and build it into your calendar.

If you have any questions about the Pebble Creek Men’s Club feel free to call me at 612-414-1630 or talk to any Men’s Club Board member.  I look forward to seeing you on the course.

Lonnie Fluck

Men’s Club President

Group Me Instructions

We are trying to modernize and create efficiencies with our communications effort and looks at a lot of apps this winter.  We settled on Group Me as it has both an Android and IOS app and it allowed uses to customize how notifications work so stay away from mass texts.  You will just have the app with a number that shows you have a new request.

How is it going to be used?   Events are created and you can simply say if you are in or out.   Saves of ton of phone call, emails, texts ect.  There will be 3 lists.

1) Full mens’s club list – Can be used when we need to fill a spot in a group or event

2) Anytime league – Setting up groups to play.  Swipe left, create and “event” on the Calendar asking everyone in the Anytime league is they can play at the time selected to get a group together.  Idea is you can play with someone you may not normally have played with and click on any specialty links that apply below to join those groups.

To be included in 16 man click on this link

16 Man GroupMe

For Casual Match Play league

Casual Match Play GroupMe

For anytime league

Anytime League GroupMe

3) I plan on using it for 16 man so I have answers all in one area instead of chasing emails, texts, phone message, boards ect.

Each of these have a separate list so it would go only to the intended audience.


Setting up Group Me

Instead of us sending the link to you to download, we are going to have you set it up right with text (SMS) messages turned off.

1)    Download the Group Me app from the apple store or google apps

2)    Click on this link   LInk:

3)    Create your login and the app is ready

4)    Turn notifications off by going into the app, clicking the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner.  Click on Settings. Turn off Message delivery like shown below SMS is text message, make sure that is off if you don’t want to get texts when message get posted to GroupMe


Give it a chance to see if we can streamline communications.

If you run into issues or have questions just grab Lonnie Fluck, Derek Brunsberg or Mike Abrahamson




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