18 Hole Senior League – 2 Person Best Ball




2023 Wednesday Senior League
1. Any PC Men’s Club member who is 50 years old or older at the start of league play is eligible to play in the Senior League. Senior League cost is $40 per player. Tee times are not reserved, each player/team makes their own tee times.
2. The format will be a 2-man Best Ball 18-Hole League, using full WHS handicaps.
3. Players are encouraged to form their own teams. Team members do not need to play their rounds together, but they must play with a current Men’s Club Member on the Wednesday of league play. If you do not have a partner, sign up & we will do our best to find you a partner.
4. There will be two halves to the Senior League season. The 1st half will be May 3rd – June 28th . The 2nd half will be July 5th – August 23rd. There will be 2 throw-out weeks in each half, so 6 of 8 scores will be used. Each half is independent of the other, meaning that you start over at zero team points when the second half begins.
5. The overall Senior League Champions will be determined by the best 12 of 16 rounds from the season. In case teams tie, the team that shot the lowest weekly score during the year wins. If that ties, then we will go with the second lowest score, then third lowest, etc.
6. The 1st place team from the 1st half, 2nd half and the overall Senior League Champion all qualify for the Tournament of Champions.
7. Payout Percentages: Follow Men’s Club Payout Chart
a. 1st half – 30% of the total league fees
b. 2nd half – 30% of the total league fees
c. Overall Results – 40% of total league fees
8. Make sure you turn in your signed and attested scorecard into the Pro Shop with your First and Last Names legibly written after your league round.
9. All League scores will be posted to GHIN for you. Do not post individually!!!!!
Tee Time Limitations:
June 14th : No league play. (MSHSL State Tournament)
Number of places paid out is based on the number of Players/Teams per division:
1-7 Players/Teams pays 1 place @100%
8-12 Players/Teams pays 2 places; 1st place 60% and 2nd place 40%
13-17 Players/Teams pays 3 places; 1st place 45%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place @25%
18-24 Players/Teams pays 4 places; 1st place @40%, 2nd place @ 25%, 3rd place @ 20% and 4th place @ 15%.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tom Keller @
tekent@live.com 612-387-5113