Anytime League




“Anytime” League
*Sign up ANYYIME as long as you can get 8 scores recorded. Field is open to any players that have an
established handicap.
*The last Anytime round of the season must be turned in by August 31st.
*Entry fee is $20.
*A minimum of 8 scores will be needed in order to qualify for any payout. There is no limit to the
number of rounds that can be played. Payout will be based on each golfers AVERAGE score. All scores
will be counted, no through outs. Number of places paid, and amount will be based on current club
payout guidelines.
*100% of handicap will be used.
*Multiple 9 hole rounds can be played in the same day.
*A player list with the handicap for each week of the season will be updated every Sunday evening and
forwarded to the Pro Shop for the week.
*Rounds must be played with another Pebble Creek league member. (any league)
*Other league rounds cannot also be used for an Anytime round. Anytime rounds must be played only
as an Anytime round.
Instructions for playing an Anytime Round:
*Tell the Pro Shop what 9 holes you would like to play. A stamp for that 9 will be placed
on your score card indicating the 9 holes selected. Use a separate card for each 9 holes played.
*Play the round! Have fun!
*Enter your gross score on every hole.
*When your round(s) is complete, have the Pro-Shop stamp the card again which will indicate you have
completed the round. Take a picture of the card and email it to, Tom Keller at If a
card is taken but not returned the same day, a score of NET bogy will automatically be entered as your
*Your score will be posted to the WHS for you. Do not post Anytime sores.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of the following Chairs:
Scott Pauly @ 612-386-6932