Classic 2 Man Match Play – FULL MEMBER




1) To ensure there is no delay to the start of Round 1, the sign-up deadline is Wednesday May 4th at 8:00 PM, OR
when the field is full, whichever comes first. Teams will be taken on a first come first service basis. Electronic
registration is encouraged and available on the men’s club website. Please register and pay ASAP and AFTER YOU
ARE PAID, e-mail ( with both team members names and registration date so you can be
added onto the appropriate bracket based on your handicaps. YOU WILL NOT BE PUT ONTO THE BRACKET UNTIL
BOTH MEMBERS ARE PAID. The final brackets will be posted by May 7th on the bulletin board and club page so Rd
1 matches can begin.

2) Its 2-Man Best Ball, entry fee is $40 per player with 100% payback. Depending on the number of teams, the
field will be divided into even brackets based on total team handicaps. There may be random play-ins or byes
selected to begin the season if needed. The bracket is double elimination, so you are guaranteed 2 rounds of play.

3) 100% of your Handicap will be used. The lowest handicap player is reduced to scratch and the other players will
receive the difference on handicap holes according to the scorecard.
(Ex: the 2 handicap goes to 0, 6 handicap would go to 4, 10 would go to 8, 14 would go to 12)

4) It is the team’s responsibility to fill out the scorecard on the day of the match – pre-printed cards will not be
available. Each player must use their GHIN app or the computer in the pro shop, to access that day’s index for the
tees they will be playing from. Print all players’ (first and last) names and handicaps clearly on the scorecard, note
the date played, and dot all handicap holes. Circle the match winner and put the completed scorecard in the
envelope in the pro shop before you leave.

5) In fairness to all golfers, it is each players duty to enter their score in GHIN after each match. Failure to enter
scores could result in board review and/or removal from the match play bracket. Its best to enter the scores
together after the match to help avoid any discrepancies.

6) It is each team’s responsibility to reach out and schedule matches with your opponents and set up your own tee
time. It is not the match play administrator’s duty to accommodate one teams wishes over another in scheduling
matches. Everyone has an excuse, but in fairness to all teams there will be ZERO extensions beyond the posted
deadline. If a match cannot be scheduled (for whatever reason) and no player from either team can play by the
deadline, both teams will forfeit the round. In the event only 1 of the 4 players can play, a single player can
represent their team and play the match. In that case the single player must play 10 holes on the deadline date,
turn in your scorecard and their team wins the match.

7) Due to summer vacations and life in general, especially with 4 players involved, playing your matches ASAP
each round and ahead of schedule is encouraged to avoid any forfeiting. Please email
with the results so brackets can be updated and the next round matches can be scheduled promptly.

8) Teams must play against each other in the same group. If a match cannot be completed on the same day
because of darkness or weather, the entire match must be played over.

9) The Classic Champion and Runner-Up teams from each flight will both qualify for the Tournament of

10) Any questions or concerns text Aaron Olmscheid (336-266-3388) or email

Number of places paid out will be based on the number of Players/Teams per flight:– 1-7 Players/Teams pays 1 place 100%
– 8-12 Players/Teams pays 2 places; 1st place 60% & 2
nd place 40%
– 13-17 Players/Teams pays 3 places; 1st place 45%, 2nd place 30% & 3
rd place 25%
– 18-24 Players/Teams pays 4 places; 1st place 40%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 20% & 4
th place 15%