Classic 2 Man Match Play – FULL MEMBER




1. Sign up deadline is April 30th Entry will be limited to the first 32 players that
pay. You will not be entered in the tournament bracket until you have paid and
verified that you’ve signed up on the signup sheets in the Pro Shop or bulletin
board. USGA rules apply.
2. Cost is $20.00 per player with 100% payback. Many players can’t play during the week
due to work schedules so please don’t sign up if you can’t commit to play on weekends. If
there’s conflict to play the match one player must go out and play 10 holes on the last
Sunday @ 4pm of the given schedule.
3. Double elimination, play until you lose two matches. There will be divisions based on 16
men in each division. The split will be based on handicaps of entrants.
4. 100% USGA handicaps will be used with the higher-handicapped player receiving the
full difference between the handicaps of the two players; the lower-handicapped player
shall play from scratch. For example: A player with a handicap of 17 shall receive four
strokes from a player with a handicap of 13. The player receives them on the holes
allocated as the first four handicap-stroke holes.
5. Pre-printed scorecards will be used for all matches during each round, and handicaps will
be “locked in” at the start of the round and will not change for the entire round. They
will be available in the Pro Shop and will have the handicaps and strokes listed for each
player. These scorecards must be signed and attested and returned to the Pro Shop
following your match. Please be sure to fill out complete hole scores for each player!
If a player takes an “x”, then list what he would have made on the hole using his
handicap. Example: Player makes a 10 on a par 4 and his handicap allows for no more
than 2 strokes you should mark it like this X6. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for
both players!!
6. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure that the handicap listed is correct for
them at the time they were locked in. You can be disqualified if you compete and sign
the card under a false handicap.
7. The golfer that wins the most holes in an 18-hole match wins. If there is a tie, the match
will go to a sudden death playoff starting on the same hole the match started on. The first
player to win a hole wins the match.
8. If a match cannot be completed on the same day because of darkness or weather, the
entire match must be played over.
9. It is the responsibility of the players to schedule their match and setup their tee times.
Any match that is not completed by the deadline will result in both players forfeiting. A
bye will move forward in the bracket.
10. The Individual Match Play Champions, along with the 2nd place finisher in each division,
will all qualify for the Tournament of Champions.
11. Any questions or concerns: contact Curt Renslow – @
or Phone – 763-350-3269